As with many businesses today, our beginnings are humble, it all started with seeing something that caught the imagination and thinking wow that's pretty cool but if only it had this or could be like that....... and in that spark Baby Bubbles Designs was born.

We are passionate about our designs, and of course our customers, and want them to have a truly unique product that reflects their emotional insight into a gift given from the heart, without it costing the earth. Each design tailored and tweaked using the information supplied to ensure a unique gift that actually means something to both giver and receiver. 

We really do hold with the belief that if its worth doing its worth doing properly and want to always exceed our customer's expectation.

We believe a gift should touch the heart of that special someone, that they will cherish it forever and that they will take pride in displaying it, our designs are a reflection of your thoughts, and as with every gift it is the thought that counts. 

We hope that by now you believe in us and join the many that have bought from us and are delighted that they did.